May 07, 2006

Gangsta poet

I've decided to redefine myself
Rebirth, resurrection, new beginning, dawn, sunrise,
I'm starting all over
Returning to where I was
From where I am

I've decided to redefine myself
Find the gangsta in me
The pimp, thug, general bad-ass
Misogynist, incoherent, gun-packing, uncouth, ruder than rude

I've decided to redefine myself
Into a gangsta poet
It worked for gangsta rap
Became diluted in studio
And brought about the birth of bling bling

I too want to shine
Get my piece of the pie
So from this day forth
My poetry shall be hardcore

It is officially the birth of gangsta poetry and monsta! has entered the building

1 comment:

Diva said...

BlinG RhymSter! :-) Itz all about da grillz and doe baby!!! I enjoyed this! Found it hillarious! I do hope that the humour was intended!! Keep ur soul, man! Da gansta tng is so "shallow", overdone, American, lacks meaning, is generally done for the money and very little else and your style, to date, has defied that. And that is Y i luv ur work! So dnt lose ur plot and reject ur calling yet! Easy!