October 26, 2006

closed doors

talk to me
tell me of the winds
and the stories the whisper
tell of me of the words
silence speaks
words that i do not hear
they carry your thoughts
though they remain hidden from me

share with me
allow me a glimpse to the space
beyond your pupils
where your truth resides
allow me moments of clarity
dialogue to replace our parallel monologues
we can only be we with we
instead of the you and i
we seem to languish in

all i ask for is you
please let me in
i'm tired of knocking


Anonymous said...

Keep writing. Its what i liv 4. ur an inspiration. i lng 2 c in2 da depths of yo inspiration...

kojo said...

thank you *blush*

Purple said...

Mr. Baffoe,

Amazing as always!

Pooky said...

Stumbling round the 'net I found your words. This poem really struck a chord with me. I empathise with the words. Well done.

TheszEyz said...

WOW! I was looking for a piece to go with a graphic, and you just nailed it for me. I found my 'self' in these perfectly placed words. Please tell me that you don't mind. At this hour, I am only posting it on Facebook, and will definitely give you credit. If you're on Facebook and would like to look me up, I am TheszEyz in Atlanta.