January 07, 2007

Blinders removed

Inspired by James Brown and every mother, sister:

She has birthed herself from the breathe of dreams
Willed herself into existence on the hopes of her mother and grandmother
She is their voice in the present
And she will not fail

The winds whisper her name late at night
When undreaming minds have been laid to rest
And she sleeps in dimensions other than this one

She leaves nothing to chance
The universe is being re-modelled to suit her desired colour scheme
Hope and inspiration are dressed in matching garments
And the three of them spend their evenings carving the future from their laughter

We are merely players in a play of her doing
She has commissioned our lives
And pulls at the strings of our madness when we veer off the chosen path

It may be a man's world
But I willingly lay my being at her altar
Because it wouldn't mean nothing
Without a woman in it


Anonymous said...

I stumbled onto you other site more than 6 months ago. Lost the link between then & now. I now have stumbled onto this site, and boy am I glad I made the rediscovery.

Went through some of the archives, not too thoroughly though, have to leave something to enjoy later. Just a few of the ones that really stood out for me - We lie together & Addiction. Hope you & your muse are still together, cause if she can make you write words like that, I can't imagine what magic must exist when the 2 of you meet.

Frenzy - very clever.

Will be back again soon.

kojo said...

Hey, thank you, though my muse has been a bit scarce lately. Glad you enjoy though. Check www.myspace.com/kojothepoet for voice clips of some of my writings.


Rethabile said...

Ntate Baffoe, I say Amen. Glad you're in these parts again.