March 23, 2007


Metaphors speak of blood and bloody murder
Of forgotten dreams
Of reality coming apart at the seams
Of fake gregarious rantings
Of misguided hope

This is the current state of breath
Perpetual autumn
The leaves are dying
The flowers curl into themselves
The soil is dry
The rains shall never come

Who will save the children
We can't even save ourselves
Truth is a dagger
Thrust into the stomach
Cleaving its way through the intestines

We no longer want to hear truth
It hurts too much


10workers media said...

Hey Bra Kojo, nice to hear from you on Kasiekulture. I must agree with you on many aspects of your analysis. Your writings are pretty excellent, I'll be the first one to admit and I guess you figured that it was not meant in bad spirit. Y is facing a problem. Your being published I truly believe has got a lot to do with your prowess, but you also should understand that it creates problems in these situations. The point of departure of the review was largely what we term the inability of the editor to give direction (or even the purse can be having a role to play), but we felt it's not doing any good to brilliant writers when you call them to save a sinking ship cuz they'll be associated with that. And for Kabomo to use you (I don't doubt the merit), but from where is not helping much in your excellence as a writer, especially given the friendship.

But hey, I appreciate your input and coming across your blog this way. I surely am going to visit and if you don't mind give some blog love. It's a beautiful blog with probing stuff I'll like to engage in the future

One luv


saaleha said...

indeed it does.
hurt, that is.

YODEMO said...

Kojo got the Mojo

This is poetry that speaks to the mysterious fiber priests call my soul. No, this is tight ish...

Keep it real and write some more. You can also visit me on yodemo and read The Advantages of Hating Love. I would like to hear your comment.