August 16, 2007


I didn't want leave u
I waited so long for u to come
I lingered without reason
But to be in ur presence

I didn't want to leave u
Though there are many such moments still to come
When I will have to leave
For a few hours
Perhaps a couple of days
Always to return

And she
She didn't want you to go
She held you a little closer
Wanting to hold you forever

She didn't want you go
Though there will be times when you do so freely
Always returning to where you hope is

We know there will be those moments when I will leave u
And you will have to go

There will be those moments when we will perhaps disappoint u/you
Or you/u will seek more than what the two of us have to offer

We are only human
And pray that the good will always outweigh the bad
That the stars will always shine brighter than the night
That there will be more laughter than tears

We are sadly only human
And I never want to have to leave u
And she never wants to ever have see you go

You/u are we
And we exist for you/u

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