October 29, 2007

A lifetime unlived

You have a long road ahead
You have a lifetime still to live
You will have dreams fulfilled and broken
You will laugh and, sadly, you will cry
There will be beauty and, hopefully, a little darkness

Things are not always what they seem
And the lessons you will learn
Will not always be simple or painless
Many will probably only make sense in years to come

You will triumph and, at times, fail
You will love
Yes, you will definitely love
Sometimes wholeheartedly
Sometimes inadequately
But you will love

We may not always have the answers

You will do all these
And many more, my son

I just hope that I am able to give you the tools to come out the other side, in one piece, better for it,
A man who can confront his shadow
Confident in the truth that
He always lives his truth

1 comment:

David E. Patton said...

The perfect poem can be found by the reader when it strick their heart and ear. This is an indervisual thing, one poem works with one or just a few hearts this is why readers must search through the world of poetry to find that rare connection that poetry can make. For the poet laboring in silent this can be a shot in the dark so we as poets must be open to hear what the heart will tell. We must tell all of our secerts to reach the secrets that lies in the heart of the readers. You have done that with your work. Keep it up