February 25, 2008

meaningless words

these words
tug and pull
tickle and taunt
clog the pen's artery
get caught in my throat
stuck on the tip of my tongue

these words
tease and mislead
evoke hollow dreams
speak mindless truth
linger in the minds of the uncouth
but never grace me with the simplicity of my truth

these words
hide in the shadows
daring me to seek them out
to enter the unknown
to overcome the fear

these words
drag my soul kicking and screaming onto the page
cackling and laughing at my feeble resistance

these words mirror my reflection
magnify my inadequacies
and yet, somehow, give me hope

these words are all i have


Diane said...

I really like this poem. So true. I do collage poetry although I've been very slack lately - some ot them are posted at www.chickollage.blogspot.com

Bohemianwriter said...

i adore this poem beyond words. x