September 01, 2006


Poetically inclined
Mathematically defined
Word plus word equals truth

X is the unknown

Inquisitive minds diminish with growth
The teenage years are humourless
The adult years are colourless

Word times word divided by truth equals life

We are stuck on a leaking raft miles
From sanity's shore
Kicking at shark fins with our bare feet

Word minus word is a vacuum where thought floats freely
Its randomness is just that

We infrequently dance in tandem
Most of the time we stumble in opposite directions in search of the same rhythm

The square root of word is infinity
A times word plus b times word equals x is the unknown consequence of truth
Childlike reflection of laughter

In the beginning of the word
And on our death beds
The last breath shall be in word

1 comment:

who_am_I_? said...

and the word shall live on, word. thank you for your word