September 13, 2006

Broken love

Give me a word, any word
Something to entice the muse
She's been difficult of late
Teasing me with residues of inspiration
She pecks me on the lips
But holds her lips tight
Not allowing me even the slightest taste of her breath

Share a line, any line
Something that will ignite her passion
Warm her blood
Dampen her soul
And loosen her spirit
We were so close once
Our skins had coccooned to enclose the two of us in beauty
We were inseparable
And I had every thought, every emotion and every poem at my disposal

I suspect she is seeing someone else
I have suspicions that her lips and arms and heat are now for another

Give me a poem, any poem
Mine seems to slither to a stop
Even before I begin


Thami Mhlanga said...

Blessings Kojo

I know what you are talking about...I lack any form of inspiration to write "Tis a season of dryness" first time ever since 1994
but it seems the muse is still singing loud and clear in your ear


Anonymous said...

Yes, i like this poem. it is hard soemtimes to break through that bit of yourself when u need to is a very lucid exploration of this experience