November 19, 2007

Definition of identity

A star-crossed soul
Stands at the crossroads
There are two versions of insanity
Ours and theirs
Each required clarity
In the definition of identity

Guide me
I am your subject
Victim to your theories of subjectivity
My purpose depends on where you stand

Look beyond what you don't see
Truth lies in the blindness of mystery
I've been around the world in theory

Does that make me less of me
And more of what you want me to be

I took the opposite path
Went from white to black
And have discovered I can't really go back
I am the 'other' your mother told you about

Words have become as random as life itself
Are you still waiting for the great god to come from the sky?
Join the line
There are no short cuts
Who you are today is rarely who you are tomorrow


Who.. me? said...

Just a Thought Antoinnette

Panoramic glittering of gold dust yonder in green meadows
Paradise, YES,
Endless kaleidoscope of spring splendour
Only fairies liveth in thy beauty
My eyes lock, homing towards the fairly of them all
Zeroing on the best perfect of perfections, gold dust, perhaps a diamond
Seen only by the blurry image of summer nights, a meteor shower for fireworks
Wake up I will not, till the zenith of time. Die not my fairly charm, light my spirit
Touch not, my fragile Indra Swallotail.
Oh Yes, I can touch, Wings curves of flowing locks, bare ebony bosom on a silk skin
Oh chastely a twill of divine tweed. Drink thee from the nipples blossom
Then, can't beseech thee, can't Love thee. My heart a gazillions pieces.
Heart Broken by the courtesan trollop strumpet. I seek thee your strength my fairly angel
Sundown will teach I to Love thee.

Wawa said...

so tru so tru... am so sick of conforming to an individual's percerption of sanity. i was born to live. i am saddened by the sobriety of youth. cum now: live, laugh & write...