November 28, 2007


Dismember yourself
from the umbilical cord of habit
The stars do not rise
To the melodies of your tragedy
They rise anyway
Every day

There's no harmony
In the sharpness of your tongue
No value in your disheveled lifestyle
Tomorrow is for those who wake up to meet it
The sleeping never ingest it

The world does not bow to your pain
It does not taste the bitterness of your tears
Only you feel the bite as they carve their nightmares into your cheeks

There is no conclusion to random words spoken into the mirror
Just a reflection

1 comment:

Divinythree said...

Innertermoil will render you insane,
Self loathing will leave you empty.
Hardest Battle ever fought is that of the emotions and self.
When you find yourself feeling every emotion there is, at the same time.
Feeling exhausted, but you have to push on
cause life doesn't wait for you to get over feeling .....
You push on (bordering on insanity) with a smile, making sure everyone notices the smile and never the true you.
WE ALL FAKE IT FROM TIME TO TIME.....but how is that good for you.

Just thoughts guys...just feelings