April 03, 2006

Fruity fraternity

Strawberries & cream
Peaches & syrup
Guns & blood
Laughter & tears
Sweet & salty


Calabash & rain dance
Ancestors & zion
Babylon & oppression
Azania & consciousness

If I write poetry about the destruction of africa
The pain of colonialism
The tragedy of slavery
Does that make me an african poet?


Vittra said...

There is something about this particular poem that I enjoy, particularly within the first five lines. The last four prove a good point, also. Well written, keep up the good efforts. :)

Anonymous said...

didnt think someone would honestly post a poem daily-am pleasantly suprised. keep up the good work, we are reading it


kojo said...

Thank you for comments. Glad to know someone is out there reading. The real work comes with now re-writing and expanding on the work put here. It is merely the result of my daily writing session (usually about 10mins). It is hard to maintain but we'll see how far it goes.