April 14, 2006

These city lights

They glisten on the horizon
Dance to the sounds of late night revellers
Drinking, carousing, vomiting between destinations
Each one of them signals life
Ordinary people watching tv,
Their minds silent but for the dreams they see
They rest humming in the distance
And when I look at them
I think of what brought to this place
This cold, loud space built on dreams
Most broken, a few fulfilled
And I wonder what they hold for me


Zlatko Minev said...

wow, I really like the second half of your poem about people living in illusions and dreams, possibilities once possible for them, but now no longer within reach as time has slowly taken them away. And yet, these people persist in living and acting as if these possibilities are there, when they're not! Something is a miss and sad and they can tell, but they dont want to take away their own illusion because they have nothing better to replace it with than with the sad realization of their own failure probably due to the indolence of their own heart.
Also very cryptic and suggestive:
"Their minds silent but for the dreams they see"

remco said...

Would love to use this with a photo of mine (non commercial). Do you allow me to?