April 11, 2006

She's been loved before

This is from old notes, the muse seems to have forsaken me tonight.

She loves to calm the demons
Seven headed reflection of her inner beauty
Born in the image of medusa's bastard off-spring

As painful as it may seem
Schizophrenia lies within us all
Blanketed by the layers of the normal

And she is us is she

Divine creature of day and night
Makes you see into the porous eye of dreams
Where hope is reality
And all we dream of is flight

Possibility multiplied by infinity is we
Cradled between the lines of her fingerprint

We see only the burden of the love she has loved
Never really seeing the tomorrow of the love she has loved

And she is us is she

Her bright-eyed future is ours
Where the petals of a dying rose
Are the seeds from which tomorrow grows

She may have been loved before
But she will love again as will we
Because she is us is she
She is love

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey wassup Kojo!!!

Man i really dig this poem,i loved it the first time i read it.
It just completely touched my heart.

Keep up the GREAT work.
U really rock my world!