April 07, 2006

shadow talking

This was written last night but having problems with my blackberry so wasn't able to post.  was watching a documentary on cults.
madness begets madness
in the name of god
fantasy fulfiled in visions
of voices that whisper insanity
i am the saviour
i am the sun
i am the planets rotating around the sun
i am in a random orbit
and the world is my realm
the history of man
is littered with decadence
the source of our sadness
is the sexual anomaly
that plagues our inhumanity
we are vain
and the intoxication of power
breeds a cultish dictatorship
the master race of mankind fades blindly
and we, the followers,
walk off the cliff willingly
do or die
don't do and die
we cannot leave this world
coming back again and agin
we can't dream of greater days
as we fade away
in time we shall talk of the human age
our skeletons, treasures to be found
beneath rotting staircases
daggers still protruding from where
our chests used to be
submit, submit, oh, sheep
we are all going to die anyway

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