February 24, 2006

Birth chant

I was born with a black star
Suspended above my head
And imprinted on my heart

I was born with an eagle
Engraved on my skin
And embossed on my mind

I was born beyond race
I was born without nationality
I was born in beauty
I was born into colonial madness

I was born into a life
Tainted by a past we refuse to let go
And a future we are unable to see

I was born into duality
My wings carry the stripes of a zebra
The feathers flapping into the eternal wind of forever

I was born into an ideal
I was born into here & now
I was born
And now I live


swati said...

Wassup, this is a beautiful poem.I really dig the first 5 stanzas, feel like the last one doesnt do justice to the rest of the poem. the imagery u use in stanza 1, 2 and 5 is beautiful and the last stanza doesnt live up to the beauty and powerful presence that u created earlier.
Keep up the good work, it makes it a pleasure to come to this spot, knowing i'll read something worthwhile.

lluvia said...

beautiful poem!