February 16, 2006


flaccid flakes float faintly onto my upward turned face
false fantasy flays in the face of foundations
raindrops are the metaphoric randomness of my life
each drop a word spoken without thought
lightening comes before the thunder
slices through my chaos
and breaths light into my order
my deepness lies in my undecipherable thoughts
profound language does not imply profound thinking
but that doesn't mean i won't try

most days i think about sex
but not as much as they say i should
i am human tho i've forgotten what that means
the day i come apart at the seams
please re-stich my dreams
and send me on my merry way
i came here not to play
rather to teeter on the edge of reality

nonsense is the chaos i crave

as a child i never misbehaved
now I am making up for it
by following the rules of insanity
or perhaps my vanity
has finally found its voice

i could keep writing
but the voices are speaking loudly
i can't hear myself speak
and so i sleep

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