February 26, 2006


They do not know me
Though they pretend to
Easier that way
They can look through me
At least whichever part offends them
At that particular moment
I am indefinable to them
Invisibility keeps the peace
Though it leaves me tattered
In two pieces
Identity is mine to chose
Single pea in a pod for two
Identity is mine to chose
As long as my politically correctness
Strokes their prejudices
And lives up to their stereotype
Someone please define black for me
Can anyone define white for me
Like paint, can I declare myself grey
Can I pick whatever space is comfortable for me
Can I?
Can u breathe red angel dust
And cough out blue speckles
The 7 colours of a rainbow
Are rarely seen
The world beneath black & white
Is rarely what it seems
I speak the realest truths
When bolstered by drink
And hide my true realness
When sober
Catch 22


swati said...

Found this one interesting-touches on an interesting topic. The notion of being undefinable is one that promises freedom from labels that are forced upon us. But the truth is people get uneasy when they cant place u somewhere. people get security from labelling u-regardless of how wrong they might be. If u declared yourself gray(which wud be great coz u should be able to choose what you are)people would trip coz they dont know what gray is about, they dont have a code of conduct for gray-so they cant judge gray. I think u can "breathe red angel dust and cough out blue speckles" but not without the village whispering behind your back, threatening to ban u from their midst.

So instead we hide our truth within us coz the judgement and they weird stares are too much to take. But its only a matter of time til one explodes, your truth spills out coz ones truth cant be contained for too long. So we explode behind beer bottles and cases of wine-coz the judgement of being a drunk is still not as harsh as the judgement of being undefinable.

Just a thought.


kojo said...

The issue of identity is something that goes to the core of my journey through this life. Being half-black/half-white in a world that continues to define us according to black or white makes it difficult, at times, to find one's own space. We are always expected to pick a side & I have gotten to a space where the only side for me is mine... on the fence. Becomes even more complicated living in South Africa where 'coloured' occupies that space. Although it is different from mine, I am constantly having to explain why.