February 16, 2006


How do you write about the stars
Without repeating what's been said
How do you capture the essence of a picture
Without getting lost in words
How do you embrace love
And speak without cliche

How do paint a lyrical picture
Without dated inflection
How do you find your place in a rich history
When infinite word has already been spoken
How do you speak of colour
When they have already painted

How do live lifetimes
When they have already been lived
How do find the questions
When the answers have already been given
How do you build dreams
When they are manifested daily

These are questions
That have been answered



swati said...

i really like foolishness,didnt check what time u wrote it, but there are those minutes sometimes hours before u go to sleep, when u trying to make sense of u and ur life. at times it leads me to panic attacks, thank god it leads u to poetry we can enjoy.

by the way i really like the new colour-very chic

kojo said...

Thanks Swati, this was written during the day & then I added to it just before I went to bed. Sometimes I am focused enough to actually have my writing session at a decent hour.