February 19, 2006

temporary psychology

We cruise life's highways
Catching glimpses of tomorrow
And watch them fade away
In the rearview mirror of time

We force normality
Down the throats of our children
And hope that their understanding
Shall be realised instantly

We dance between TV channels
Consuming shallow psychology
To fix issues that took centuries
To create

We sip on life
Never tasting its flavours
Never ingesting its substance
Only seeking temporary satisfaction
And wonder why it isn't permanent

The cliches speak of dreams
Carved over lifetimes
And still we expect everything
To happen tomorrow
When it is the day after
We should be looking to

When did the rewards of labour
Become the joys of luck?
When was success packaged
Put in aisle 3 of the supermarket
And sold for 19.99?
When did it become less about the challenge and satisfaction of accomplishment?

Why do I still seek the dignity of toil
When it seems those who do not
Fly close to the sun
Never to come down?


Anonymous said...

Just discovered u and your work. you are immensely talented.good luck and keep up the good work. wish u the best

kojo said...

Thank you, hope you re-visit. easy