July 20, 2006

Around the world in 20 seconds

Across invisible borders
They lob bombs of hate
At unseen faces
Tearing humanity apart at the seams

In the name of the intangible
They claw at each other
Ripping limbs into shreds
Their human-ness drained
Their beauty nullified

We seem to be better at destruction
In the name of madness
Than the reversal of truth's pain and suffering


Thami Mhlanga said...

I real fill this one Kojo...considering the current state of war looming in the world...keep on keep it on

ayza said...

reminds me of dis israel vs labanon war going on...da genocide is sickening.stay blessed brother,words are not too far away from you

kojo said...

truth be told, wrote this when reading about what's going on in Lebanon. so much trauma going on in the world.