July 12, 2006

Isn't a butterfly just a caterpillar with a new suit?

my bones crack
under the weight
of my thoughts
my back twists unnaturally
crying silently

i feel like a butterfly
eternally trapped in its coccoon
with only the wind's singing for company
the voices in my head have taken extended leave
multiple moments in silence
have started to scare me
i never realised
how much i need internal company
and now i'm alone

caught in a self-fulfilling bubble
no matter how high we rise
i go lower and lower

i have decided that
in my next life
i shall be nothing


Anonymous said...

for me this poem has an underlying sadness and a sense of being troubled. you've got a way of making even troubed words seem beautiful. Keep writing, we are reading.Blessings

ayza said...

the last stanza is choking...people always ask me&i neva understand where they'r coming from,but today i shall throw the question at you&ask :what do you eat/smoke/drink/read that makes you shape words like this?