July 04, 2006

One with the universe

We gravitate towards kindred souls
Stepping over the hurdles
Climbing in & out of life's potholes
Crawling round the mountains of madness
In search of our sanity

We reach out for each other
Hoping that these are the arms
That will hold answers
And the comfort of laughter

Let us bow our heads and pray
To the higher self
Open up the ethereal connections
Dance on the milky way
Hop between stars
Happiness is galaxies drowned in the infinity of our pupils

I am a stargrazer
Nibbling on galactic dust
Sipping on meteoric waters
I never falter


Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

oooo... "happiness is galaxies drowned in the infinity of our pupils." Wonderful line. You could make a whole other poem out of this delicious bit of wordsmithing. Lovely.

kojo said...

Gonna give it a go. Guess that's the thing about sharing the results of my daily unedited writing, there are gems but sometimes it needs an external perspective on what is useful & what is not. Easy