July 09, 2006


We cry acid rain
Burn streaks of pain into our cheeks
They run down our face
Drip and sizzle into puddles
And carve potholes into the earth

We forget our suffering
Forget the blood we bleed
Forget that experience is the flame that defines us
Forget that we are our successes
And our weaknesses

We carve the future from the past
We do not dwell but build
We do not wallow but rise
That is the beauty of humanity
But let us learn from history
Let us change the weavings in life
And actually learn from history


Meander said...

keep writing...people are listening. like me!

kojo said...

Thank you, I am glad & honoured.

Anonymous said...

Mr Battoe, I am very concerned with the fact that you only reply to (beautiful) girls that send their pictures. What message are you trying to communicate to the people that are genuinely interested and inspired by your writing?? "Perve" perhaps?