July 17, 2006

I inhale song

I've always wanted to write a poem about music
Words melodic enough to capture the essence of song
A lyrical journey through chord and harmony
I play my favourite songs over and over again
Hoping that inspiration shall and the words will flow
But they never do
All I hear is indefinable sounds

I've always wanted to write a poem about music
How do you speak Marvin Gaye?
How do you describe Jimi Hendrix?
How do you verbalise Prince?

I've always wanted to write a poem about music
But it's simpler to just .....


Anonymous said...

All that music is is sound with musical tones, which each sound does have. You can name each and every one. It may not be pleasing to the ear but to one, it may be music.

So how then are you defining this 'music' that you speak of?
A beautiful sound which is pleasing to ones ear...or moves ones body...or touches ones heart?

Even your undefinable sounds are music because they in themselves have their own unique sound. You may not like it, but yes, it is there and it is playing and making someone dance or maybe even making someone cry...

So write on brother, and let the music play...

Helen said...

Music is poetry, poetry is music. When I read a poem, I'm sure the words I hear in my head are not the same sounds that anyone else hears. They are unique and only mine. Poetry is music of a very personal sort.

kojo said...

The feeling you get when you hear a song that truly draws you in, i dream of being able to that feeling into words that truly reflect how it makes me feel. Words i hear, written in a certain way. A painting I see, a song i hear, laughter, the sound of a child's footsteps on a wooden floor... the words are never sufficient.