July 05, 2006

Darkness whispers word

She whispers to me
Suspended in a purgatory
She doesn't understand
She dreams of leaving
Without knowing where to go

She whispers to me
Her form reflected
On the inside of my eyes
Her scent tastes like orange
Her laughter, though rare, a melody to dance to

She whispers daggers
They slice my eardrums
Carve space between my teeth
The hairs on my tongue rise
Prickle the roof of my mouth
I choke on mothballs and words

She whispers to me
I have no answers
No ancient wisdom
No one-size-fits-all
No reason behind the reason
Just me and her
Whispering to me


Anonymous said...

I don't know why, but i kinda felt scared or uncomfortable .. its like you are forced for this situation .. Nice poem :)

Percival said...

There used to be a girl like that who sat next to me in study hall.

kojo said...

Wrote this while watching a tv show called Ghost Whisperer about woman who 'sees dead people'. Spirit in the show was all pushy & stuff. Easy