July 16, 2006

The death of silence

With each blow he becomes invisible
This vicious cycle of pain
A misguided attempt to define himself
When the madness lies within him

He seeks to silence the voices in his head with her screams
His reflection no longer looks back at him
When he drifts past the mirror
With his eyes turned inward

He dreams of manhood
Never realising with each action
He becomes less of a man
Self-castration takes many forms
And he is becoming a euneuch

He has heard that the heart carries love
And looks for it in the puddles of blood he leaves
He has heard that this is what men do
And looks at those who are invisible too
To lead the way to salvation
He has become everything he despised
And is surprised at the hate she harbours

They are caught in a chaotic rhythm of his doing
But I am the greater sinner
I have seen and yet I do not see
I have heard and, yes, I do not hear
I have spoken but do not speak
I am the reason she shall gasp her last breath under the weight of his fists
I am responsible for the consequence of my silence

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