March 02, 2006

at the end of time, we shall all be mad

i have resigned myself
to the impossibility
of madness
insanity does not hold
its arms out to me
and i am left with nothing
but awareness of self
i have craved the beauty
of just being
without worry
without need
without the desire
to fit in
i have longed
to reside in the cuckoo's nest
not merely fly over it
but my flight plan
leaves no room
for landing
let alone stopping
i have slept
hoping to wake up
in oblivion
but every day
i find myself
in the midst of relevance
a place where i must
participate in absurdity
death comes to us all
is it not simpler
to lie back and wait?
is it not better
to just be
without concern for tomorrow
and the after
and the after that
and ... and ... and
the end is a foregone conclusion
why begin?

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