March 24, 2006

Earthly manifestation of hell is colourful

Ghoulish demons run the earth
Bearers of lucifer's insanity

These dark, stonelike creatures
Dance a fiendish dance
Melodies of which are silent
To the naked ear

They follow the dagger
On its journey through the ages
Crouching in the shadows
Lurking in brothels
Flying on invisible ethereal strings

Evil manifested is whispered
In the ears of those susceptible
To the devil's charms
And that is all of us
The madness that lurks in our hearts
May be clouded by thick, dense branches
But exists all the same

Who knows what the future holds
With the chaos that already exists


swati said...

Other than your love poetry, this has been one of my favourites, not sure why, but love it anyway

Dont stop writing!!!

Neo Molefe (shameeyaa neo waMolefe) said...

Welcome to insanity, welcome to enlightment, now that you have realized, see with hears, heared with your eyes, what are you going to do? I feel the power struggle that governs secret societies (freemansons et al) and the pagan regulations used, its really not kosher. glad you wrote such.