March 09, 2006

She will always love me

She will always love me
Forever spoken for a lifetime
Lived for eternity

We were young once
Laid our souls
At each others feet
And hoped a dream

We turned that hope into a reality
Neither of us could have dreamed

We were young once
And I had given up
On the beauty of an eternal possibility
While she had found comfort in the solitude

We were young once
Two souls drifting towards each other unknowingly
And now
As the sun sets on a lifetime of collective experience
I know that she will always love me

As my hair greys
My skin sags
The shine in my eyes dulls
The bounce in my step reduced to a shuffle
Her love sparkles
Growing strong
And giving strength

The children were our children
And now they share blessing of their children
Our house has become the home
Carved with the symbols of our forever
Our hearts, while beating weaking everyday,
Have become the foundation of our love

Because of all this
And the words that do not need to be spoken
I know that she will always love me
And I
I will always love her

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