March 08, 2006

slaughtered sheep = lamb

in my next life
i plan to lay out statues
of icons
and take pot-shots
at their ideology

we are sheep
led by man-made madness
we are zombies
on a celebrity-driven feeding frenzy
we are fools
blinded by bling

who defines our fabricated truth?
who decides what's hot & what's not
who is the puppetmaster
controlling the strings
that make us hopping marionettes
chasing dreams within hell's kitchen
never making it into heaven's lounge

pound for pound
we hold the power
in the beating of our hearts
thought for thought
we hang on the illuminati's coat-tails
nibbling on the scraps
thrown our way
in return for our blind loyalty

we all saw the matrix
believe it fiction
live in non-fiction
follow hollow meaning
wallow in shallow living
it is the shadows that truly live
we will continue to dream

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