March 07, 2006

Inner confusion

My inner child speaks
In ancient metaphors
Time trapped
She finds comfort
In the simplicity of similie

Her incessant questions
Often drain me
I struggle to answer
Because I too seek
The answers
So I can't answer
To her satisfaction

When I reach for
My feminine side
I let her speak for me
Painting rainbows
In the grey that is my reality
But I'm a bit of a control freak
So that only happens temporarily

Often we laugh together
Whispering in the privacy
Of my heart
The only interruption
Coming from he who resides in the mind
Imposing his logic on our harmony

Which makes three
He, she, me,
We are disjointed layers of me
To be is the infinity
Of the different sides of me
But my truth lies in he & she

1 comment:

swati said...

Really like this poem, never thought of men having femine side that they would openly speak about. I find it interesting that she is your inner child-this make her a girl and not a woman. Is there a reason? I like it coz girls have a simplicity about them, freedom of some sort that turns into complexity as we turn into women.Most women have a girl that remains in them,nice to know that some men do too.

Keep up the fabulous work