March 22, 2006

Black spoon

She was born
With a black spoon
Tucked beneath her tongue
Dirty, vile
It is symbolic of the life
That she would come to live

Mommy worked all night
And slept all day
Daddy slept all day
And worked all night
Just to create a life
For her
Until one morning
Daddy just didn't come home

He was found
A few weeks later
With a hole in his head
And a gash in his heart
Face down in a clotted puddle
Of his own blood

And not long after
Mommy didn't come home

She was found
with her throat slit
Gagged and nude

And she
She lived with a black spoon
In her mouth
And darkness in her heart

1 comment:

swati said...

Sad but beautifully written. When one is a born with a silver spoon in their mouth, you start assuming thats the only kind of spoon there is.