March 12, 2006

Words are often random

Words are random
Stiched by schizophrenic thought
Letters reversed
Twisted in chaos
A witch cackles
At my failure
To get my broom
To carry me to the moon

Cosmic desire
Romance on the moon
Daylight trysts on mars
With sex-starved mermaids
Hobbits have relocated
From middle earth
To set up brothels on jupiter
Pimping elfs
And serving bettle juice
To the assorted travellers
In need of release

Last week
I saw darth vader
Reincarnated as freddie
Moved to elm street
But, with the horrors of today,
He doesn't scare people
Any more
He's talking about moving to venus
Heard about new strides
In plastic surgery
Which could transform him
Into david beckham

The opportunities are endless
For re-definition of self
The wealth of possibility
Is senseless
So many words
And not enough time
To learn them
So much to say
And not enough vocab
To say them

This is random
Don't you just love
The fullness
Of nothing said
Just taking up space

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