June 20, 2006

The angel of death

Better late than never, she says
You & I have travelled opposing galaxies
Walked lands and swan seas in opposite direction
All for the present moment
We are stars finally colliding to create a cacophony of colour and sound

I met one evening
Walking alone in circles
In search of where I started
She was drawing pentagrams in the sand with her index finger
Standing at the centre of of a triangle whose edges gently touched my circle
Tired of walking I stopped
And asked if she was alright
That's when she said
We are two blades of grass
Always beside each other
But never together
Until this moment
When the winds of improbability had conspired to bring us together

She was right
She was the moment I had lived for
And now that it was passing me by
I knew that I was to be reborn in her arms
Re-ignited by her lips
Re-inspired by her heart

A morbid tale
Our meeting had been pre-planned in an ethereal dimension
And the truth of the heavens was finally laid open before me
The Grim Reaper is actually a woman
And she has come for me

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