June 15, 2006

The voices thrive in silence

In an empty space
I hear my heart beating
The hesitation is fleeting
But long enough for me to wonder
If it has stopped
And will start again

In silence I hear my thoughts drifting
Out and beyond my body
Fatigue is the perfect home for the spirit
The mind loses its grip on the logical
The body becomes disfunctional

I fear the unknown
I embrace change
But wish it would travel slower
I go for days without speaking
Hoping that the silence will give my words more power
I am strategic in my existence
I give flowers when least expected to maximise impact
I listen often
And watch often
I give hugs when they are needed
And never in between

Silence has a way of forcing introspection
Moments of quiet reflection

I fear the unknown
And the greatest unknown lies within me
Within the silence within me
I spend lifetimes provoking cacophony
Breaking that silence long enough for me to live

My mind is a shell I run to often
I need the noise to bring me out

The more I speak the less I listen
Maybe tomorrow my truth shall break out of these words and speak to me
Until then .......

I fear the unknown
The many voices that speak in my silence

I fear the unknown
And the unknown is me

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