June 13, 2006

If this makes sense, I'm worried

I've started dreaming nightmares with my eyes open
Ghouls crawl out walls
Demons step out floors
Goblins reside in the space between brain and skull
I hear them plotting nightly
Their chattering echoes
And echoes
And echoes

Madness is a state of freedom
It eludes me
Though I welcome it with an open mind
Do with me what you will
Just allow me the ultimate escape
It is said that cocaine numbs the brain
But I feel so alive
Weed makes me sleepy
And alcohol gnaws at my liver
Never my mind
Though that numbs me enough to kneel before shank's porcelain god

Darkness is my constant companion
Even during the day
I close my eyes when I feel alone
It whispers to me
A few more hours and we shall truly be together again
Daytime has too many pressures
Night is for what could have
What could have and
What will be

After every thing I have seen
I am saddened
There is still so much more to see
I do not wish to live that long
The answers, however false, lie in youth
The end looms from 30
Knocks at 40
Rests till 60
I have called the grim reaper
Requested early release
But he says my time is yet to come
Ain't that a *itch
There are many who aren't ready
And they leave before their time
I, who seeks the release of insanity
Must stand in line, await my turn

I am master of my own destiny
Within the rules of others
I have requested my time
And been denied
So I shall build dreams out of dust
Embrace lust
Nibble on life's crust
Make this world mine
Which it has always been

1 comment:

swati said...

Kojo,this is one of the ones ive enjoyed the most.If you're still searching for the perfect poem, this is very close to it. its intense without invading ones space too much.Very well written Keep it up, the talent in you is alive.