June 26, 2006


All I need to do is look at her
And the stirring in my loins
Becomes unbearable

For her I would shave all my hair off
And run down the street naked
She is my kryptonite
My achilles heel
The ultimate weakness
So I have taken to avoiding her

It's not that she is distant
Or unattainable
It's that the image of her in my heart
Is the highest perfection
And I love her too much
To ruin that

So I admire her from afar
And continue to dream


ayza said...

"so i admire her from afar
and continue to dream"

>reminds me of a piece i wrote which ended with the words:"close your dreams"...hmmm,very interesting.im finding so much knowledge&comfort within the walls of thyne words.the movement should go forward no matter.
[[be blessed]]

swati said...

Beautifully writen yet again, reading your words sometimes makes the day not seem so bad when one is stuck @ the office. Its nice to know that beauty exists in so many forms-words being one of my favourites. Keep on keeping on