June 09, 2006

Home & away

The flames dance in the spaces
The wind hums a rhythm for the flames to dance to
I watch, silent observer
Discreet stalker
Twisted molestor

I encourage their tryst with my eyes
And my heart
It seems so perfect
This natural moment
This undefinable experience

All this from watching logs burn in the fireplace


Rethabile said...

Imperfect poetry...

Yeah, right.

Work harder on stuff like this and make it perfecter. You're getting there, if you're not already there.

kojo said...

Kea o leboha, Ntate Masilo. Went away for the weekend with the missus and was booked into a place with a lovely log fire - perfect for winter - and was trying to figure out what to write between world cup games. Glad it had an impact.

Have been lazy but starting to work through the stuff I have posted here to see what can be developed further.