June 08, 2006

In the end, it all dies

A rose with dark petals
Blossoms beneath the pale moonlight
The stars flickering off its leaves
A cat howls at the universe
While a rat scampers into the shadows
Overhead an owl swoops
In search of something to silence
The grumbling in its stomach
A spider sits in wait
Stroking its web
And dreaming of better days
There is a chill in the air
And the flies have moved on to warmer spaces
To reincarnate under moving skies
They cuddle closer not out of love
But to keep the winter's darkness out
They cuddle closer and their tears fall silently
Colouring the surface of the electric blanket with an ignored blue flame
They struggled to move forward
They spent a lifetime deciding on this one moment
When they would have to part
Tonight merely the finale
And disappointing conclusion to what once was
The rose quivers and wilts
The cat goes quiet
The rat, the owl, the spider, the stars, the moon
All seem to inhale tonight's reality
And bow their heads to death
The death of love that is unfolding as they cuddle together beneath the blankets

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