June 22, 2006

I write coz I have to

Today I have no words
So I string together random words
Out of a desire to speak words
My tears are the alphabet
Creating a puddle of words
Mainly about pain and hurt
All I seek is the right words
Hopefully ones that make sense
Beautiful words
Some light and some dense

The power of the poet
Lies in when there is nothing to say
No inspiration, no direction, no rhythm, melody or craft
Just an outpouring
I console myself with thoughts like that
In moments like this

I try to write every day
And hate it when I have nothing to say
I have embarrassed myself enough
Within these rough lines
There is no diamond
Even when I break up the lines
And pretend that imitating structure
Will make the words something they are not

Read them quickly
And then move on

Today I have no words

1 comment:

ayza said...

beautifully worded even though you have no words today...what an art form,il remember to not forget your face