June 19, 2006

Sleep is totally over-rated

The nights blur into days
Dark to light
Light to dark
I am a walking zombie
Reaching a frankenstein state of mind

I cannot sleep
How long before I am labelled insomniac?

I count the clock ticks
Remember my distant drug trips
Plot the rise of my genius
Dream up new dreams
Let my mind wander as aimlessly as my pen

I read books
Watch television
Write poetry
And still I cannot sleep

I stare at the walls
Close my eyes
Listen to the night
Open my eyes
Watch my wife sleep
Hoping that her breathing will lull me to sleep

The sun rises
I shower
Get dressed
Join the world
Sit in meetings
Pretend to be listening
Drive automatically
Too tired to actually think
Stare at my computer screen
Dream up more dreams

I cannot sleep

I pop pills
Drink cammomile tea
Refrain from coffee
Avoid sweets
Visit herbalists
Drink foul tasting concoctions
Count sheep, and cows, and chickens
Listen to slow music without lyrics
Lie in bed for days
Lie awake for nights

Damn, I cannot sleep
I cannot sleep
I cannot sleep

1 comment:

ayza said...

i feel u before i even touch u...

sometimes i think im losing my mind when i find self counting infinite sheep,when sleep goes on holiday&leaves me behind;then adding insult to injury>i dont find self NOT feeling tired[that's when i start questioning my state of mind]then i go through mountains climbs of emotions,confusing&questioning self and others...constantly thinking of thoughts to be created&i find me losing me,having no balance...here i go again,so il stop
[apologies=these words write themselves]
stay in love&be blessed