June 22, 2006

We were

We were young then
Two drifting hearts
In search of a calm
Beyond our twisted sadness

We are born free
The shackles worm their way
Around our wrists and ankles
Each year we take breath

We were young once
But that is drifting slowly
Behind us
Today we wipe the confusion from our eyes
Tiptoe towards guaranteed death
Hope that our actions
Will speak our truth
And guarantee our place in the beyond

We loved once
Each other and life
We awoke each morning with zeal
With enthusiasm for the possibility of another day
Laughter pierced sadness' canvas
And love was the rhythm to which we danced
But that is no more
Though we aren't quite sure
Where the love's gone

We used to dance
Together and alone
Our hearts beating in sync with the bass
Our voices the piano keys that pumped out melody
Now our legs drag and slow us down
Our arms hang limply at our sides
And our hearts beat no more

We were once
And now we are no more
Just bodies slumping through the matrix that resides in our deadened minds

We were
And now we aren't



ayza said...

it's been a while since we've been human my brother...

Bonzy said...

This one reminds me of She Used to Love Me.