June 12, 2006

Perversion as a definition of life

is there a line between erotic and pornographic
A divide between perversion and appreciation?

The boy crawls under his father's bed
He finds fantasy between the pages
And descends into self-loathing
His young body, still forming, and completely unknown to him
Trembles at the sight of the naked forms

At that moment, his idea of perfection is formed

He is not restricted to race or religion
He does not question intelligence or purity of heart
Beauty lies only in sight
And he drinks it in selfishly

Little does he know that he has taken his first step into doubt
Till his last day he shall question the purpose of his lust
And he shall surpress it out of love and confusion

He is becoming a man
Yet manhood continues to be undefined
He shall pick from these images
And the example of the women who surround him
But mostly from the men
Unaware that, in these modern times, they are as confused as he is,
If not more

He shall stumble through fields of dissent
Through chauvinism, sexism, homosexuality, toughness,
All the -isms, -itys and -ness'
All the perceptions of manliness he can find
And hopefully one day, before he leaves this earth
He shall find sense, and peace, and meaning
And he shall find someone
Who sees beyond the definitions
Who sees merely the essence of who he truly is
A human being
Whatever that means


swati said...

i really like this poem, it explores something quite important that isnt often adressed. Would be a fantastic article or longer piece. keep writing, its great to read.p.s, the line is extremely thin, sometimes invisible

kojo said...

Hey swati, it is weird space. Started off just writing about the line and kind of travelled down a whole different route. Not enough is done to talk about and understand what a 'man' is and what influences us. Will actually do some more work on this at some stage. Do you get Y magazine? Actually been doing some writing for them and may explore this further and pitch it to them. Easy