August 04, 2006

11.02.2006 (1)

The date in the title is when I wrote and posted ( the first four lines. Today I played & the results are below:

Our shadows dance beneath the pale blue moonlight,
our spirits graze the stars,
frolick in the aftermath of angel dust,
love & lust stroke our laughter,
life is lived in chapters of 10 lines,
each a decade in time's linear confusion,
none of the 10 lines actually rhyme,
we are left with the randomness of chaos,
broken down to the smallest of atoms,
let's sit in a circle around candles,
get drunk and define it seance,
though the only dead we speak to are reflected in the wine,
our cups overfloweth with the lies we tell ourselves,
who's to blame for ignorance?
our parents?
the semi-erect sapien who first walked the earth on our behalf?

The teacher's duty is to themselves,
but who shall lie to the nation,
we do not think,
hence the increasing demand for drink,
if only it came through the taps,
our trough relabelled sink,
aluminium glistens giving our thoughts a metallic tinge,
our parents whinge at the state of education,
moulding their children into lighter shades of themselves,
let us not dwell on the hues of stupidity,
the opaqueness of our neighbours,

on the continent,
we rarely hear the lion roar,
live to far from the zoo,
for the african stereotype to remain true,
lost in the oceans of confusion,
atlantis only appears when you close your eyes,
how loud does a mermaid scream,
when her heart has been broken by a land dweller,
glamour rests not on the surface,
but in the blueness of the sky and sea,
wanton melody is a thought,
fragments into a song played out of tune
The beauty of thought is its ability to dance across lifetimes unrestricted to one line

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