August 20, 2006


He sings the words I wish I could speak
This son of warring factions
Perches himself on the face
Inhales the best of two worlds
And spits out a spiritual truth

There is nothing greater
When your unspoken words
Come back at you on wind
They dance between the spirit's strings
Take ownership of your heart
And send you flying into yourself

You drown in the waters of his song
His fingers play your soul like an acoustic guitar
His voice carves truth into your skin
His heart is yours, speaking on your behalf
You return to silence because any thought you speak will be inadequate
Instead you listen to him speak your words
Instead you let him unwrap the petals of you
And lay you bare before humanity

It is possible to love spiritually
The physical an inconvenience you do not allow yourself
It is possible to transcend the trivial pre-determined ideals of human ego
It is possible to be engulfed by that which is born of another man or woman's mind
Without expectation or demand
It is possible to be in love with music
And those that give birth to it

(Wrote this while watching Lenny Kravitz Unplugged. My dream is to write a book filled with poems about my favourite artists. Those who overwhelm me and, often, silence me with the beauty of their creativity. Those who speak my words when I am speechless. They are so many: Marvin Gaye, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Terence Trent D'Arby, Seal, Carlos Santana, Darius Rucker, Bob Marley, etc. There are artists I enjoy, but there are also those who engrave their words and sounds on my heart.)

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