August 17, 2006


My Development has been Arrested
So I travel Lyte
In search of the Lost Boyz
There were last seen in between the 2nd and the 3rd Bass
Puffing on a phat Mary J

Big Daddy is in court as witness for the trial of the year
Kane killed Abel and figures its no Biggie
He's Notorious, sees himself Smooth
Never been out of jozi
But reckons he's got peeps in Boogie Down

Meanwhile these thoughts weighing me down
Just plain Heavy, like my friend Darrel, but we generally just call him D
He into sound EFX

It's raining and the hail coming down like Ice Cubes
Was feeling Brand Nu this morning
So so def jamming to Dre on my walkman
I'm a Brat, this I know, oh so Grand
But my baby cares for me
We spend our weekends
Picnicking under a cypress tree on the hills of the city

The years have slipped by


napo said...

That's it. Keep that ball rollin' on point.


kojo said...

Wrote it listening to DJ called C - Live playing hip hop set on Y Fm. Made me feel like the hip hop head I used to be. Easy