August 06, 2006

Collateral Damage

Rebirth is a burden
We remain ignorant to
In the resurrection
We fall short of perfection
Random imitation
Of a god we don't believe in
Shades of brown
Tales of clowns
Flesh sold by the pound
Falling bombs
Distorted sons
Those who lead are meant to follow
While the true leaders wallow
In a zombie-like illusion
Trace your ancestry
Follow the intricate trail of physics
Quantify your existence
You shall see
That is no real difference between you and me
Beyond my self-inflicted genius
I've taken to listening to silence
The voices only make me feel inadequate
Their screams seem like laughter
And they've stopped answering my prayers
I've taken to talking to blades of grass
Listening to the whispers of leaves in boabab trees
The flowers are shallow
But make more sense than most people I know
Must be the shortened distance between germination and death
All they crave is water and sunlight
While we seek another aimless reason to fight
If I could take flight
I would
I was born into this species
Diseased minds
Degraded hearts
Corroded laughter
Acid rain tears
Burn holes in my sanity
Soon it shall be time to leave
May the universe reincarnate me as a lowly tree
Somewhere far or within a restricted area
To be human is to be expendable
And I am tired of being fodder
12 monkeys sit on a tree
And plot my destiny
All I want is to be free
All I want is to be free
From what?

I don't know!

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