August 03, 2006

we are not worthy

lost in a labyrinth
amazed at the intricacy of a maze
when I hunger I graze
for words between a book's page
read between the minds
truth is a three letter word full blown
eternal flame is a thought still growin
the birth of the beauty is an unknown
drop to your knees and give praise to man-made prophets
murder on my mind
stumped for a word that rhyme
one day I shall learn to dance in a straight line
mother, please forgive me
my thoughts dance between the planets
never resting long enough to see you

some thoughts never end and I have no idea where this is going but I must end it. my excuse: reading saul williams - the dead mc scrolls. what I am reading at any given moment tend to influence how my thoughts connect or do not connect. easy. kojo

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