August 13, 2006

From light to dark

The purpose of life is to end
The count down to darkness
Is the waiting room
A state of limbo
A temporary construct
An artificial lab
An experiment with no conclusion
Other than death

Real living starts beyond the here
Real life starts in the after
In the space between death and birth

The space between heaven and hell
Is all an illusion
A metaphor in which we inhale breath's likeness

Await true birth when that breath leaves our bodies
Only then shall the answers come
Because everything that has a beginning must end
And in that end, we are reborn
To start all over again


Anonymous said...


i must say that your poetry inspires me, i would like you to post the Looking For The Perfect Poem please.

kojo said...

Thank you. Will see about posting The Perfect Poem. Easy

Imperfect said...

love it.
it's so deep. and wow. its amazing.
if i could write as well, i can only wish...
don't ever stop writing. you're absolutely talented.
and for me, a poet, this is inspiration!

kojo said...

you honour me, thank you for the words. it becomes worhtwhile only when my words have some meaning to kindred souls. easy

kojo said...

hey anonymous, the poems on here tend to be from my daily writing sessions. The Perfect Poem is in my collection Voices In My Head, but i will see what i can organise.